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Hotel Złoty Groń
Widok na budynek hotelu Złoty Groń na tle wzgórz i dolin w pogodny dzień

Relax zone

Hall in Złoty Groń Hotel with entrances to saunas

A dry sauna, relaxation cave, and steam sauna will certainly help you relax after a hard day's work, a business meeting or a day on the slopes.


Hotel Złoty Groń offers massages on request:


Relaxation Massage - the perfect way to get tired both physically and mentally.

Classic massage - it can have different effects: silencing, stimulating, analgesic and regenerative.

Sports Massage - it also helps to prevent injuries, eliminates the effects of over training, warms up and relaxes the muscles.

Collagen massage - relaxes and acts in the depths of the skin. It is an excellent way to replenish collagen deficiency in the skin.

Natural Oil Massage - All active ingredients are derived from natural essential oils that determine the therapeutic effect of the product, such as warming up, relieving pain, calming, calming, improving blood circulation.

Hot Stone Massage - a treatment that perfectly complements comprehensive physiotherapy. Speeding up the resting processes increases the body's exercise capacity.

Chinese Bubble Massage - perfect for anti-cellulite treatment, firming and body shaping.

Anti-Cellulite Massage - is able to visibly improve the condition of the skin and improve its firmness and elasticity.

Massage With Elements of Acupuncture - Insists on developing the constitutional power of the patient and helps in his mental and physical development.

Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi - is a wonderful massage with a relaxing, healing and therapeutic effect in one. It is characterized by high fluidity and harmony of movement.

Full Body Scrub - allows to peel and purify the skin while relaxing and relaxing our body.

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