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Hotel Złoty Groń
Widok na budynek hotelu Złoty Groń na tle wzgórz i dolin w pogodny dzień

Corporation events

Fun Integration Team Building

Participants learn how to cooperate, plan, manage a team - all with a large dose of good humor.
Prices from 850 zł / group / 1.5h

All year round Rope Park

The variety of routes allows you to play, regardless of age and physical condition.
Prices from 20 PLN / person

Rope Park at night

Unique experience on the routes by the light of lanterns and moon. The original idea for your company trip!
Prices from 900 PLN / group


Paintball company to teach employees first and foremost team game and additionally triggers adrenaline, thanks to which we become true participants in a strategy game.
Prices from 60 PLN / person

Marches Orienteering Emotions

In his hand map and compass. The task: to find checkpoints in the forest. Time is running out, there are limits. Very popular game on their travels integration.
Prices from 20 PLN / person

Shooting range

Try your skills by shooting at a military purpose of airguns or 98c Marker Tippmann A5 and Tippmann version enriched, test blowpipe or arc.
Prices from 20 PLN / person (tax included)

Detailed pricing is dependent on the size of the group and the number of selected activities. Programs tailored to individual needs.

An integrated set of an effective team.


  • DJ 600 PLN
  • A folk music band 250 PLN / 1h
  • Sleigh raid 35 PLN / person included:fireplace, sausage with additives: bread, mustard, ketchup, plates and disposable cutlery, mulled wine
  • Grill ( highland revel)
  • Games and fun Integration
  • Quads
  • Theme evenings (Italian, Oriental, the 60's)
  • Guided Barania Peak’s trip
  • Teaching skiing and snowboarding
  • Evening Karaoke
  • Professional bartender show
  • Gift Vouchers for the participants

Discount on skiing passes 30%.

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